Pragmatic Ways makes spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel and Google Spreadsheets. We are a tutorial-based learning center to teach the world how to create hard spreadsheets in an easy way.

Free Content

We offer plenty of free tutorials and walk-throughs to help you master the art of creating powerful spreadsheets for all your business requirements. We strive to offer the best quality of tutorials possible, which is why all of our videos are complemented with a free checklist, providing detailed instructions and screenshots for you to capture every bit of information!

Paid Services

We offer premium services for clients who don’t have the time necessary to complete detailed spreadsheets. We help create the complex formulas and charts to help bring your data out into a visual representation.

Whether you need help figuring out just 1 certain formula, formatting a chart in a very particular way, or need help drafting up an entire spreadsheet, we’re here to help! Submit a request today and we’ll provide you with a prompt and reasonable quote.

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